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The Power of Red Lipstick

January 23, 2018

The Power of Red Lipstick

The color red is juicy, exciting, stimulating, mysterious, and best of all timeless and always in season. It's everywhere and is powerful and impactful, especially on lips!

What's the fascination?

Red on your lips is appealing to the eyes. It's bold, rich, and can be both elegant and naughty at same time, which is what makes red so much fun and fabulously flirty.

Red lip color makes a strong statement, which allows you to be different, bold, trendy, sexy, and is what you want when you're going out on the town or for special occasions. You can even make it your signature style or your go to staple look.

Red lipstick's intense, romantic color definitely gets you noticed. It's considered stimulating, appetizing, and even dangerous (all in a good way, of course!) The best part is that shades of red come in warm, matte and muted tones, which are all exciting, but yet practical, soft and pleasingly pretty.

It's power commands attention, gets you an instant reaction, and is the color of love, luck, passion and sexiness. It's also the color of courage, liberation, energy, and confidence. (Yes, confidence!)

So how to find the perfect shade of red for YOU?

If you have a cool undertone (blue veins in your arms OR pinkish or bluish hues in your skin), you can use an effervescent red, which is a bright red or a true red with a pink undertone. You can also use a red with a bluish undertone. The beautiful thing about a red with a bluish undertone is that it can make your teeth appear whiter! (Who wouldn't love that, right?)

If you have a warm undertone (green veins in your arms OR gold, yellow or peach hues in your skin), you can use a warm red with gold or a yellowish undertone. You can also use a red-orange (which is warm) for a more muted or softer effect that's not loud, but still pretty and makes a statement.

Keep in mind, when you wear red lip color, go light on the eyes and use little to moderate eye shadow (go for neutral or earth tone shades), line your eyes with eye liner and apply mascara. (Lashes are optional.)

Since red lip color can be strong, it's important to wear it in moderation or keep it to a minimum. You don't want to overdo it by wearing red clothes and/or too many red accessories.

Finding your shade of red is not only powerful, but can be the key thing that pulls your style together and make you radiate beauty, elegance and style.

To put things into perspective, I'd like to share this quote with you from a famous celebrity...

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-a## red lipstick." ~Gwyneth Paltrow (Love that!)

Don't settle for boring colors, be beautiful and stylish by using red lip color to create the "wow factor" and really own it!